Monday, July 1, 2013

I Confess, I'm Mustardless!

     Here we go again. A new week to try and get done all the things we didn't get done last week. It feels like I fall further and further behind all the time. I did get my pantry cleaned out and worked on the cold storage room in the basement. I can't believe how much junk we had in there. It's embarrassing. I'm glad you didn't see it.
     I'm also glad you can't see the mess that is my garage refrigerator. Someone spilled something red in one of the door shelves and now it's all dried and sticky. Why is it when something gets spilled it seems as if it's always red, red punch, tomato sauce, etc, etc. I love having a clean fridge, but I hate cleaning them out. All those unidentifiable leftovers that no one ate, it's like a scene out of some kind of sci-fi movie.
      I live in fear that someday those leftovers are going to come alive and then watch out.
      Doing these simple chores also proves that I need to go shopping. As a mother, there are certain things you just have to have on hand. How I can be out of mustard is beyond me. We always have mustard. How did this happen? Don't tell anyone I'm a mustardless mom. I'm so ashamed.

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