Friday, June 28, 2013

One of Life's Greatest Mysteries!

     What is it about the sight of an empty toilet paper holder that sends anyone over the age of four running in fear from the room they just spent time in? They escape as fast as they can, leaving the next user to deal with the issue of an empty roll.
     I know these people are capable of putting on a new roll because as children they managed to unlock any and every child proofing lock I ever bought within 24 hours of installation. I even had one for the fridge that was this huge piece of sticky Velcro that I had a hard time opening. I watched in disbelief as my daughter pushed a chair to the stove, climbed onto the stove, got a wooden spoon out of the crock I kept there, then pried the tape open and helped herself to the can of chocolate frosting that was in there.
      So I ask, why can't anyone who shares my DNA ever put a new roll on the holder? It is one of life's greatest mysteries. 

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