Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why it's Harder for Women to Lose Weight

     When it comes to the matter of losing weight, I can count on one hand the number of women I have known in my lifetime that weren't on a perpetual diet.
     Now that my daughters are pretty much grown, we discuss this frequently. We are always trying new ways of losing the extra pounds and getting in shape. Occasionally, the men join in on this life long journey. And this is where the trouble starts.
     Between child birth, hormones, and the fact that we love to eat really good food, it's a battle. And then the men come along and after a few days of effort, they drop ten pounds in the blink of an eye.
     It's enough to turn a houseful of woman murderous.
     We workout, and sweat and eat salads until we are turning green and lose a pound. What is up with that?
     I pacify myself by remembering that it's natures way of making sure we women survive in times of famine. I mean, let's face it, if the human race is going to rely on one sex for its survival, who would you want in charge, mom, right? We are also the giver of life. Men can't have babies. In fact their contribution to perpetuating the species is a twenty minute contribution, while ours is a lifetimes worth.
     Ask any mom with grown kids, you don't stop worrying and helping when they reach adulthood. It all multiplies exponentially as you worry about spouses and grandbabies.
     This is why it's harder for women to lose weight. Don't you feel better about life now that we have been chosen by nature to survive? Or would you rather be a size six for life? Me too.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Hair Day

     This is my week to point out some of the ins and outs of being female. Today it's the hair differences between men and women.
     I have always tried to stay up to date with my hair styles, although money wasn't always plentiful, back in the day I would splurge on a perm when I got desperate. All those kinky curls look hideous in the pics but at the time I paid good money for them.
     Now, when I go to get my hair done it's a three hour ordeal and it costs a pretty penny. The hubby complains about that. He likes to point out that he doesn't spend any money on his hair. Then I have to say, "Yeah, because I cut it for free!" I also cut our boys hair. They may go into the bathroom looking different, but they all come out looking the same. lol
    One of these days I may shave my head just like the hubs so I can say, "I don't spend any money on my hair either." HA I would love to see the look on his face then.
     The fact of the matter is that when you're a woman, whether your hair is short or long, it requires more maintenance than a mans. There is the shampooing and conditioning, the highlights, the deep conditioning, curling, straightening, the gelling, the mousing, the ... It's never ending. And they still complain and wonder why it takes us all so long to get ready to go somewhere. "Hey! Perfection takes time."  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

High Heeled Shoes

      Do you remember being in school or watching TV and learning about how the Chinese used to bind their daughters feet so they would stay small. They would wrap cloth around them so tightly that some girls had feet so deformed they could barely walk. How awful! How could they do that in the name of fashion?
     Have you ever really taken a look at the high heels we wear? Some of those heels are barely thicker than a toothpick and we're expected to walk around it them? How many studies have been done on how bad that is for our feet, our backs and our posture?
     Who's idea was this? I would like to talk to him. And why on earth did we go along with the idea?
     Some women are obsessed with shoes, a la Sex in the City. When things don't go well they go shopping... for shoes.
     I have never fallen into this. I have resisted the subtle call of the shoe siren and I am proud to say I have about ten pairs of shoes in my closet only four of which I really wear, and if you have noticed this, don't tell me. I make no apology for my lack of interest in having a shoe collection worthy of the Kardashians.
    I find uncomfortable shoes...uncomfortable and I refuse to buy into the obsession.
    And in honor of my rebellion, I am going to wear my slippers all day today. So take that world.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Being a Woman

     Have you ever really sat back and wondered at all the weird beauty customs we have to deal with as women? Did the first woman to ever shave her arm pits and legs really think it through? I doubt it, because if she knew she was going to doom womanhood to the manic grind of getting rid of hair that grows naturally on the body for the rest of eternity, she might have re-thought the whole thing.
     And what about plucking the eyebrows? Unless you have a serious uni-brow problem, why can't we just leave them alone. Let's face it, it hurts to yank out your sensitive little hairs by the roots. And isn't it all for the sake of looking like a sex object, like all the movie stars? Didn't we want to be liberated from all this?
     We have to have more to offer the world than soft legs and shapely brows, right?
     My hubby complains when it takes me fifteen minutes to get ready for bed at night, but he has no concept of what it takes to be a woman. Taking off mascara is a chore. I hate it. Yet, I do it every night.
     Someday I am going to strike a blow for the natural woman and stop all this nonsense. You'll know when I do. I'll be the fuzzy, pale-faced woman, with short dishwater blonde hair hiding in the corner.
     Tomorrow maybe I'll rant about bikini waxing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Kids Are Back In School!

     The kids are back in school! Yayyy!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!
     The quiet is echoing through my house, relatively speaking. The hum of the Xbox and the din of arguing have stopped. I don't have kids rummaging through my kitchen looking for food every ten minutes, along with the mess they leave behind. They aren't sleeping on my couch and there isn't a trail of popcorn everywhere.
     It was rough getting up at 6:30am though. After I had deposited all the little angels to their various destinations, I had to ask myself what was next? And like many mothers on just such mornings I decided to take a nap. I know 9:30am was a little early to do it, but I deserve it. I feel so guilty. I have never been much of a napper but lately they have been wonderful. In fact I sometimes feel as if I could sleep all day.
     Here it is going on noon and I haven't even showered yet. This is very unlike me. I like to get into a routine and be up and about. It sure felt good though. :)
     Are you sad that the kids are back at it or are you rejoicing like me? Any special plans. I know IHOP is having all you can eat pancakes. Just sayin.'

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Winter

     I do realize that we have been having an unusually cold winter this year. And I know some of you are ready for spring and that's okay, we can still be friends.  I want to take a minute to give you the top ten reasons why I love winter time.

10. I like that it gets dark earlier.
  9. I like that if I cook a big dinner in my oven it doesn't matter that it heats up the house.
  8. I love, love watching the snow fall. I attribute this to having grown up in So. Cal. where I only saw it snow on TV.
  7. I love making hot, hearty meals for dinner in the winter time. It just feels good.
  6. My fireplace is a great reason to love winter time. I wait and wait to be able to turn her on after the long hot summer, where she has been neglected and ignored.
  5. Our sled run. This year has been the second year since we have been here where we have had enough snow to build a sled run at our house. I think it's awesome that all the boys and men get outside and work on it. It has become an engineering masterpiece and it gives them great exercise, usually they sit around watching sports, so it's a huge plus.
  4. I associate the cooler weather with the best holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.
  3. Winter time also gives the hubby a break from taking care of our ginormous yard.
  2. People expect you to gain a few pounds in the winter time, so you can enjoy a few extra treats in cooler weather and then wear thick clothes to hide it. Everyone will think your just puffy from your winter attire.
  And  the best most awesome reason for loving winter time is.
  1. I have a three car refrigerator and freezer. I LOVE this. I was able to keep holiday leftovers on a shelf in the garage because it was so cold this year. Which was perfect because we didn't have nearly enough room for all the food in the fridge. My coke is so cold it's slushy and yummy and delicious. I can keep ice cream frozen on a shelf. What more could you ask for.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Freezer Dilemma

     We made it through the weekend with out any trips to the ER. I'd say we are on a roll.
     The kids are home for two days for end of term though, so there is still a chance. Especially, since I will be attempting to clean. The kitchen needs major work and the freezer downstairs needs to be cleaned out and organized.
     Speaking of my freezer, I have been trying to decide the best way to organize it. It's an upright and when it's full, things tend to get out of control in there. I have checked into getting a few metal, mesh baskets to keep things in place, but they are expensive.
     Does anyone have any tips on organizing a freezer? I plan on adding lot of stuff this year and I want it to be well stocked and neat and orderly.
     And while were on the topic of freezers, what do you store in yours? Do you waste valuable real estate with frozen bread? I have never cared for defrosted bread and a loaf takes up a lot of space for only a two dollar item.
     These are the kind of things that keep me up at night. It's okay, you can laugh. Everyone else does, but seriously, what do you store in your freezer? This year is going to be a major food storage year for us and I want to do it right.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Trip to the ER.

     Okay, I know Davis hospital has had a bad reputation in the past, but since we have lived her, over five years now, we have spent a lot of time there. And we have had nothing but great experiences. And when I say a lot I mean a lot. My family is beginning to recognize the nurses and other staff members and the worst part is they are beginning to recognize us.
     My granddaughter sliced her finger open yesterday. It was pretty bad. When she walked in the nurse said, "Milius? You're back again."
     That's when you know you've spent too much time in the ER.
     After they stitched her up Kristin said, "I'll be back. I don't know when but I know I will."
     Such is our life.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Will Eat Salad!

     It's that time again. I have to clean out the fridge. It's time to remove all the science experiments gone wrong. I always feel a little bit guilty for not using the fruit and vegis that go bad. Cucumber and lettuce seem to be the main things that get thrown out when they are mushy and gross.
     I have thrown out cucumbers that were an unrecognizable liquid in the bottom of the crisper drawer. I always have good intentions, but the days go by so fast and that salad I planned on making for lunch turns into a burrito from Del Taco.
     I keep buying cucumbers, however. And someday I will eat salad!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Life

     I know I haven't been as diligent in blogging  as I usually am. Dave Milius' death really stunned our family. It was like a giant punch in the gut and I think it's going to be a while before we come to realize he's not going to walk in the door just as a game is starting.
     I was going to get back into my routine yesterday, but I wound up at Davis Hospital with my daughter who, after an ambulance ride and emergency surgery, is home and doing well.
     2013 hasn't started off real well for us. We have family sick with flu and pneumonia. We have family who have traveled out of the country and and all the stress that involves. It has NOT been a typical new year for us and I for one am ready for things to calm down and be as they should.
     I know from experience that things never stay the same. It's like the lyrics to the old county song, "life's about changes, nothing ever stays the same." It's so true, just when you are in the groove life throws you a fast ball, usually right between the eyes.
    All you can do is grab a bat and say, "Try that again and let me show you what I've got."

Friday, January 11, 2013


     I'm at a writer's retreat today and the snow is falling. I should really say it is blowing sideways and it's near whiteout conditions. Good for writing inspiration bad for traveling.
     The hubby is supposed to come up and get me tomorrow morning and then bring me back after the funeral and I'm a little worried he may not make it. Ogden Canyon is already a mess due to the widening project. They have it down to one lane in places.
     Keeping my fingers crossed that the snow passes and they get the roads cleared later tonight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Thoughts on Death

     Death comes to us all sooner or later. It comes to our families and our friends. Our mortal bodies aren't meant to last forever, we all know this and accept it. Yet, when death comes unexpectedly it is a shock to us.
     What really matters in the long run is not how we die, it's how we lived. Are our friends and family going to miss us and mourn our passing, or are we going to leave behind a trail of broken promises and wounded hearts? Did we raise our children with love and respect? Did we treat our spouses like they were the most important person in our lives? Did we treat everyone with kindness?
    If this is how we judge our time here on earth, then Dave Milius did a good job of it. His passing yesterday will leave a huge hole in his family and ours. His grandkids adored Papa. And he was always there for his children. He was a hard worker and an avid lover of the sport of basketball.
     I will miss him poking his head in our door just as a game was starting and him wandering through the kitchen to see what kind of food we were serving at game time. I makes his passing a little easier to bear to know that he never had to ask if it was okay. He knew he was welcome.
     Our lives were permanently joined when Kristin and David married and now we share our beautiful grandkids, but we share more than that we share a history. Greg Milius used to work for my husband. All the boys have, at one time or another played basketball with Gary. Teresa used to babysit for us.
    It seems our lives have been woven together for a long time and they will continue to be.
    If leaving behind a legacy of love is the test of our time here on earth, Well done, Papa Dave, well done.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Our dog, Koda, sleeps in my room, on a little bed with a blanky. I take him out three or four times a day and I make sure he has food and water on a daily basis. To say he is an important and spoiled part of our family would be right on the mark.
     Tonight our dog started choking on his food and my daughter and son asked if I was going to give him mouth to mouth. NOT!
     I don't mean to sound heartless, but you see our dog eats his poop. We try to stop him, but we usually can't get to him in time. I try to pretend it isn't happening that way I don't vomit.
      I love this dog. He's special. He loves me and I think he's really cute, but I draw the line at getting near his mouth. Not only does he eat his own poop, he likes to chew on my boys dirty socks.
     Now, you mother's with prepubescent boys know how bad their socks can get. They have an odor of there own. It's as close to chemical warfare as you can get without having to call the Haz-Mat team.
     So even if our dog didn't eat his own poop, chewing on putrid socks would be enough to keep me from giving him mouth to mouth.
     All I can say is he better take smaller bites and chew really well, because he's on his own if there's a problem.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Katie, Yesterday.

     Yesterday was my daughter Katie's birthday. She turned 27 which means that we are now basically the same age because I still feel like I'm in my twenties. Katie, her husband CJ and their adorable baby Liam moved up here in August and have been living with us while they are buying a house. It has been great having them here and getting to hold and kiss baby Liam everyday. She was one of the California holdouts. Now nine of my ten kids live either with me or within ten minutes of us. It makes for living birthday parties and weekends.
     I dedicated my latest book to her because she read every chapter several times and helped edit it. She also made dinner and watched my boys so I could concentrate on writing. She was a huge help.
     We had cheesecake and hot fudge brownie sundaes in her honor last night. Happy birthday, Katie. I'm so glad you're here with us. We missed you. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Everyday?

     The tree is down, the decorations are put away and we are back in the routine of school. I am usually glad to be done with it, not because I don't love the holiday season, but let's face it, it's a lot of work. Especially, for the mom's. Between the shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking and wrapping the holiday's are stressful.
     I enjoy it when it's here, but I am happy when it's over. I realize I'm in the minority. Some people would love to have the season last all year and that's great.
     What about you? Are you relieved the holiday's are behind us? Or are you one of those who could celebrate Christmas everyday?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

     Happy New Year! I hope your night was fun and spent with those you love.
     Have you made those resolutions yet? Here it is the first day of the new year and I haven't put pencil to paper yet. So much for that resolution to be more organized. I haven't even made it and I've already messed it up.
     These are a few of the goals I'm mulling over for the new year. Find my house cleaning schedule and try to stick to it. That means I have to clear off my desk and find it. That's an intimidating thought.
     Another one is to get back on the treadmill and re-lose the weight I gained back when my treadmill broke several months ago. I have stuck with some of my healthier eating habit though and for that I'm pretty happy. I have gone to non-fat milk and stuck with it. I eat more vegetables than I ever have before and I have found that I really like them. I have also discovered the sour cherry balls that they have on the candy isle at Smiths and I am totally addicted to them. It's a problem.
     I'm trying to make sure that I have my months worth of  meals planned on my menu planner so that I spend less time at Walmart. Hopefully, that will mean that I spend less money at Walmart. Which is the basis for that goal and knowing what I'm making for dinner every night take away a lot of stress.
     I am also trying to figure out a way to up my daily word count for my writing. Or to actually have a daily word count since its been hit or miss all along. It's hard to set aside a pre-determined amount of time when it feels like everyone needs you every minute of every day. That's the price you pay for being a mom.
     And there is a whole new set of goals that come with that.
     Happy New Year anyway.