Thursday, December 27, 2012

Time To Take Down The Tree

     Have you taken down your Christmas decorations yet? Has your tree found a new home on the curb? I am always a little unsure of when it should all be taken down and put away for next year. Some people are superstitious and believe that you have to take it down on New Years for good luck in the New Year.
     In the past we have taken our tree down as late as two weeks after Christmas because the kids couldn't bear to part with it. This year I think it may go sooner than that, providing I don't have a mutiny on my hands.
Some of our kids still don't think I should take the tree down sooner rather than later. Our tree is pretty dead and taking up valuable real estate in my kitchen. What? It was the only place we had to put it this year since we have filled every available space with people.
     We had a great Christmas with family, and presents, and lots of good food. I hope yours was just as good. Now off to strip the tree before it becomes even more of a fire hazard. Maybe I'll find a gift card I missed. :)

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  1. Once it's dying. But I LOVE my decorations, but by the time Christmas is over I kinda am ready to get back to my normal routine.