Friday, February 18, 2011

The Conversation with My Treadmill

       The other day I mentioned that with my son and his family moving back in we've all had to do a little bit of rearranging, me included.  I just didn't realize how much of a problem our rearranging was going to be for me.  You see, I like things in their place, I'm not talking about back packs and the dirty socks that our puppy Koda likes to collect and pile in two or three places around the house, I'm talking about the big things.  Like my treadmill.  It has lived a quiet, peaceful exsistance down in the deep, dark, cavernous basement where it belongs for a long time, until last week.  Now it is in my bedroom, MY BEDROOM. Talk about an invasion of privacy. It sits there and stares at me. It's the first thing I see in the morning and it's the last thing that I see at night.  I thought about throwing a blanket over it but I don't think I have a blanket that big, the thing is huge!  And to make it worse it taunts me constantly.  Here's what it has been like for me.

TM: Good morning Sunshine. Don't you want to get on me and run today? 
ME: Absolutely not! Be quiet.
TM: You know you do. You know you should.
ME: You make me hot and sweaty!
TM: But it's a good hot and sweaty! I'll get your heart pumping.
ME: Hah!! Like ten kids doesn't do that to me everyday anyways!!
TM: What have you got to lose except your ever widening behind.
ME: I like my behind just the way it is.
TM: Liar, Liar pants on fire.
ME: If you don't hush you're going right back into the basement(cave) where you belong.
TM: That's what you think. I'm going to be here for a long, long time. Maybe forever and every time you walk by me to go the the bathroom, or take a shower, or go to bed I'll be right here to remind you that you should be running on me.

    Well how am I supposed to live like this? Every day it's the same. It just keeps taunting me and making me feel like the lazy, non-exercising person that I am. And I have been happy, just me and my soft, puffy self for so long.  What's a girl to do?  I might have to start sleeping on the couch.


  1. Love this post. I actually laughed out loud! I think you should of put the treadmill in Kyles room.

  2. Thanks, Karly, No room for it in Kyle's room though.

  3. I have the same problem but my taunting comes from Maggie!!!! who literally takes me for a walk?

  4. Hahaha...that's good! I like mine in the basement never to be seen or heard from!!