Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its What Families Do

     Recently, do to a job loss, my son, his wife and their two children moved back in with us.  Despite the fact that we have a large house and the basement is finished, this took a lot of thought, rearranging and bedroom shifting. My son, his wife and the baby, are in the big bedroom downstairs. My daughter who was in that room is now in the front room with the sofa, piano and a twin bed. Quite the change from the king-size bed she was in. Yes, she took one for the team and did it without a murmur or a complaint, almost. And when I say team I mean a team. My in-laws live with us and have for three-and-a half years.  Out of our ten kids, we still have five at home, though one goes back and forth to USU and is home on weekends for now, my hubby and me. That was nine to start with. A very big family by American standards. We have added four more for a grand total of thirteen people under one roof.  I also have two married daughters, who live with in ten minutes of our home and on any given day they are here with their husbands and their three kids each.  It is not unusual to have twenty-three people here for dinner.  My neighbors ask and joke about all the cars in the driveway. It looks like a used car lot. I know they wonder what we're really up to.  Are we planning some kind of coup?  Nope, just a family doing what families have done since the beginning of time, we're spending time together.  Most of the time we actually like each other.  We've helped each other move, watched kids when new babies were born or someone had to work. We've repaired cars together, borrowed money, lent money, prayed together and cried together. Helping each other is what families do.


  1. Fun blog Shereen. And, I have a feeling as your kids get older, get married, and add more grandchildren, that house of yours is just going to get more and more crazy!

  2. It's over 5000sq ft and already closing in on us!!

  3. Love the design and the content, Shereen. Good luck with the houseful. Big families are fun and loud and loving.

  4. Darling blog!
    And now my 8 people and 3 dogs record for last year is broken. Congratulations and condolences!