Monday, February 28, 2011


     I am willing to bet that if people were asked their favorite day of the week, Monday would be dead last.  I know, I know, it's back to work day for adults and that doesn't make them happy.  It's also back to school day for the kids and I know that doesn't make them happy.  I love Mondays, though.
      I know what you're thinking, you think I only like Monday's because the kids are back in school, right?  No that's not it. It's a definite plus, but no.
      It's also the day my hubby goes back to work and he usually puts money in the bank for me. Whoo Whoo!
      But that's not it either.
      I love Mondays because it's the clean slate day.  The start over day.  It's the first day of the best week ever. I'm sure of it.  Their is no limit to what I can accomplish this week and Monday is the beginning of all of this weeks successes.  Sometimes I have big goals to accomplish during the week and sometimes just a few small ones.  This week for instance, I plan on cleaning and organizing my pantry and my food storage room down stairs. For those of you not familiar with a food storage room let me explain.  It's in my basement. It's big and I store extra food in it. How cool is that?!  My bathrooms are also on my hit list.  And the fridges, two of them anyway.  And last but not least planning the meals for the next two weeks so I can stop living at Walmart.  When the checkers know the intimate details of your life, it's time to cut back.  That reminds me, grandpa's meds are ready.  Okay, so back to Walmart I go.
    The best part about Monday is all the stuff I didn't get done last week, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the fridges, organizing the pantry and the food storage room, they can all go back on the list of things to do. Why? because it's Monday!  Anything is possible on a Monday.
      Don't you just love Mondays? Let's here it for Mondays. (Crickets cherping) Am I really the only one????
      Sound off everyone. What's your favorite day of the week? If you can't comment here leave it on my facebook page.


  1. Nope, I don't like Mondays, it means Jesse is at work and I have all three monkeys to take care of...Although I am glad to be back into some kind of routine.

    ps- If you do have some money I guess I should remind you now that you owe me a little moola for dads bball tickets!

  2. I hate mondays!! In fact, I've been in a bad mood all day! My favorite day is Saturday. Most people love friday, but I only love Friday evenings. But Saturday is a completely free day, to do whatever I want.

  3. I agree with you! I really like Mondays for that same reason AND the fact the my husband does NOT go back to work on Mondays! It's his day off! For some reason it's better than Saturdays - even thought that's a day off too! :)

  4. Saturdays!!!! But kids in school is also loved!!