Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Husband does the Dishes!

     My hubby and I had a conversation several years ago in which I stated that men really don't change.  Who they are when you marry them is who your stuck with forever. He disagreed, and because he's a man and has that Y chromosome thing going on (poor guy) it got his competitive juices going and he has been trying to prove me wrong ever since.  Suddenly, the tooth paste was getting put back in the drawer and his deodorant, or B.O. stuff as he calls it was being put back in the medicine cabinet. His bath towel was being put over the shower until it's dry and then hung on its proper hook. What?!
    When these things began happening, I would narrow my eyes and look at him as if he was about to morph into some creature from another world.  For a while their I was leary of turning my back on him. And I had good reason.  Let me explain life before "the talk."   For years, in our bedroom we had one of those awful plastic clothes hampers. It was blue and had a cheap plastic lid that you would lift up and toss in your dirty stuff.  My hubby would come home from a long and sweaty day at work or worse come home from playing basketball, take off those clothes and put them in a wet, stinky pile right on top of this hamper. Why? I don't know. I would ask him and he would look at me and shrug.  After years of this I thought I would out smart him so I took that cheap plastic lid and tossed it.  Now he would be able to get those clothes in the hamper because I had eliminated the job of lifting the lid.  Not on your life.  Those clothes were now tossed on the floor right next to the hamper.  Why? I don't know. Again when I would ask him he would just shrug and look at me as if I had asked him how to solve world hunger.
    I finally solved this dilemma by tossing the whole hamper.  I put a laundry basket on the floor of our closet.  No lid, no fuss, he could just drop is clothes and in they would go.  Yes! Success!
    The point to this walk down memory lane, is that I was the one who changed not him, so when we had "the talk" and he started to show me that an old dog can learn new tricks I was impressed. After all putting the toothpaste away is huge.
     A few weeks ago we were again chatting and I said I felt like I could keep up with everything around the house except for the dishes.  My hubby said, wait for it, "I'll start helping you with the dishes."  What?!  Did I hear that right?  Oh, wait, you mean help as in sitting on the couch and saying "You're doing a great job. Keep it up." Right? But no, he meant it. On the days he's home he has been doing all the dishes. Can you believe it?!!! I can't. It has gotten rid of a six-hundred pound gorilla that has been on my back since I was a kid and had to push a chair to the sink just to reach it. 
     The last three weeks have been wonderful, the sun is shining a little brighter and the air is sweeter.  Not really, I just threw that in for fun.  I thought about telling him that the laundry is really getting me down, but I decided not to press my luck. And I am proud to say, I love a man with dish pan hands.


  1. That was so sweet! What a great man!
    He's learned everything he knows from you, I can tell!!

  2. Jesse would do the dishes every day if I would let him. But I decided he doesn't do them the way I want them. Same with laundry...

    ps- you need to make the kids do dishes too otherwise dad might get burned out.

  3. Hate. Dishes!! Since I was a kid and had to push a chair up!!!!!