Thursday, February 17, 2011

The View Out My Bathroom Window

      When you stop and think about all the things you're grateful for it is amazing how much their is.  Of course I'm thankful for the big things, family, friends, health and all that, but their is one small thing that brightens my day and gets my morning off to a good start, the view out my bathroom window.  I have to shower every morning or I look like...never mind what I look like,let's just say I have to shower every morning.  When I twist the little wand on the blinds it is like a treat just for me. I see a part of my backyard, which we lovingly landscaped two years ago and still haven't recovered from. And just past the expensive playset that my kids and grandkids hardly ever play on, is my neighbors "back forty" as my grandfather used to call the plot of land at the very back of his property where he grew his large garden. In my neighbor's back forty is a horse, a mare. I can see her almost every morning standing in the sun or nose to the ground looking for a missed clump of grass. Sometimes I can see a flock of white geese pecking the ground looking for breakfast.  We often see ducks and geese here in Utah. It is a beautiful thing. Beyond the pastures are the amazing Wasatch Mountains. I never get tired of seeing them. All year around they are a sight to behold.  This morning, however, they are covered with a fresh layer of pure white snow as is the pasture and my backyard, all thanks to the storm that blew through here last night.  It is a spectacular morning. The trees are covered in the white stuff and the sky is the bluest of blues.  How can a day be bad when it starts out like that?


  1. Thanks Jennifer, I have been watching your little ones get so big from Kristin's blog. They grow up too fast.

  2. Mom, I would write that you are so gay but I don't want you to get mad at me so I won't write that lol. I will say that the snow is pretty and all but I am glad that it seems to be melting fast.

  3. That would be something wouldn't it, but no, unfortunately, not from my window.

  4. You must really enjoy your shower, wish I had that view. Again, you write so beautifully that you make it especially tempting to see.

    Keep writing.

    Love, Mimi