Friday, February 25, 2011

I Love Amazon

    For many years my daughters have bemoaned the fact that I don't like going to the mall, any mall.  I would rather go just about anywhere else.  The mall is always hit and miss. If you go there looking for something specific, chances are you won't find it and if you go just to window shop you'll find tons of stuff, but not have the money to pay for it.  I had to go there at Christmas time to get various gift cards and it wasn't a fun time.  It was hot and crowed and I resent having to stand in line for twenty minutes so I can give them money that I don't want to spend anyway.  It was Christmas time, shouldn't a popular shop have more than two registers open. Geeesh!
     I know, I sound like a scrooge but that's okay.  I found a cure for all that frustration.  Amazon.  I can stay at home and shop.  I can even do it in my jammies if I want to.  I can shop at midnight or at sunup.  I can snack as I browse.  I can even talk on the phone at the same time.  What a world we live in.
    I can get the latest movie and have it sent right to my mail box in a matter of days.  Yesterday I purchased software for my computer to help me organize my recipes that will automatically produce a shopping list of all the ingredients that I will need.  I have great hopes for this program.  Lately shopping has felt like being inside one of these tubes with money blowing all around you and you are trying to snag as much as you can as fast as you can and it's not until your out of the tube that you get to see what you got.  I usually get home and have forgotten the corn tortillas for the tacos and the bacon for the BLT's. Such is my life.
    I got a lap desk from Amazon a while ago that solved the problem of my lap top getting way to hot on my legs.  I hope the software will be just as good.  Did I mention I can shop in my jammies.
    It's good for the environment too. I don't have to drive and I save money on gas. It's good for the economy.  I'm keeping the UPS guy, the postman, and all those Amazon workers working. Not to mention the people manufacturing all the stuff I buy.  I'm not sure how it helps my hubby except it makes me happy. And if I'm happy, he's happy. 
     What was the last thing you bought online, just curious?


  1. I bought a little mirror for the shower for Jesse. I actually looked at 3 different places before just buying on amazon.

  2. Today... I bought 150 diapers for only $4.81!!! Guess where!
    AMAZON! You can also get really good deals there too!

  3. That is a really good deal. Which I love. :)

  4. I bought two 6-foot tall bookcases and a dresser from

  5. I buy online a lot!!!! Good deals, no crowd and they have everything I need!!! Well except a baby that sleeps through the night!! :(