Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Costs How Much?!!!!

     Okay, has everyone noticed the price of groceries going up as much as I have?  It seems every time I go to the store I see a dozen or more items that have had price increases since last week.  Our bacon is almost $5.00 a pound up from $2.49 just a few months ago.  Yogurt has gone from 50 cents to 68 cents in the matter of a few months.  I have to wonder if these increases are justified or if corporations are just being greedy. No, it couldn't possibly be greed. (insert sarcasm here)
     We spend about $1500.00 to $2000.00 a month at the grocery store and we just can't spend any more, which means we will have to stop buying things that are not an absolute necessity.  I already do a lot less impulse shopping and I try to plan meals so that I have what I need at home and don't have to make an inconvenient (expensive) trip to the store. There is nothing worse than running into Walmart for milk, or tortillas and coming out eighty dollars poorer.  I always feel just alittle bit guilty when the checker asks, "did you find every thing?"  I find everything and then some and heaven help me if I have one of the kids with me.  My daughters are always irritated when I sneak of to Walmart without them.  Truth is I can't afford to take them.  Their list of things they have to have gets bigger every week.
     So here is my question for the day, what are you doing to save money on household expenses?  Believe it or not I have been making my own laundry soap.  It's pretty fun and I like the smell of the Fels Naptha soap.  If you have any suggestions pass them on.


  1. don't ask me... I live across the street from Walmart and walk there 6 days a week (not an exaggeration). I use it for my daily walk and to get out of the house. I go for 1 things and always buy at least 5. So, my $5 purchase turns into $50 on the daily I swear. So, please pass on any secrets. The only one I can think of is to take the hubby... he is a stickler. :)

  2. I just try to avoid walmart all together...I have noticed stuff going up in price and it scares me a little bit.