Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Four Month Anniversary

     Today is my anniversary. Well, techically I think it was yesterday.  No, not my wedding anniversary, that's next week, it's my blogging anniversary.  It was four months ago today that I started sending my thoughts out there into the black hole of the internet.
     I remember when I was so excited that five people had read my blog.  Last week, I hit a new high of 117 in one day.  That was fun.  
     It is kind of an act of faith for me because I'm the, in between generation, and to be honest I really don't understand how this stuff all works.  The generation ahead of me, (my parents age) were heading into retirement, more or less, when computers became so important in the business world.  The generation behind me is much more tech savvy because most of them learned it in school.  Then we have the new generation, my grandkids.  Do you know how scary it is to see my three and four-year-old grandkids get on my PC and start moving the mouse like a Nascar driver handles a steering wheel.  I know someday I'm going to be babysitting and have to say to one of them, "Come and help Monna figure out  how to reset the tabs on this thing.  And they will.
     There is no telling where computer science will be in twenty years, when these whippersnappers hit the working world.  Until then, I will be grateful that I can type something, see it on a screen, press a button and share it with all of you.
     Thanks for all of your support over the last four months.  Thanks for all the kind words and comments.  And most of all thanks for being my friends.  I have heard from so many friends, old and new and it has made me realize how blessed my life has been so far.  I love you guys. :)

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