Monday, June 27, 2011

The Joy Of Gardening

     I'm trying to get over to our garden plot today to do some weeding and see how our tomato plants are growing up, but I can't get anyone out of bed and I suspect there are too many weeds for me alone.  Don't they know that working the earth at dawn is a magical experience that mends your soul and brings joy to your heart.  I'm pretty sure I've told them that more than once. 
     There is a bond with the earth as you watch little plants and seeds that you put into the soil grow and grow and then bring forth fruit to nourish us.  It really is food for the soul. 
     I have been gardening for years now and it still makes me happy to see tomatoes getting red in the sun and to see my raspberry plants full of little tiny berries that are going to be delish in August.  I have peaches on my tree, along with pears, and Asian pears.
     It is an act of faith to plant a garden, just like giving birth to a child, you plant it, nurture it, give it everything it needs to be the best it can be and hope and pray it brings forth good fruit.
     Now I just have to get my potato heads out of bed so we can have this magical and spiritual experience.

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