Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Really Ticks Me Off

     Over the last four months I, for the most part, have been blogging Monday through Friday.  Some day's I'm funny, some days introspective and once or twice I have gone off about things that really tick me off.  Today is one of those days.  What is up with NBC editing the Pledge of Allegiance so that the words "under God," could not be heard, not once, but twice.  This happened at the beginning of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament  this weekend.  I didn't hear it myself because I was at church, did you hear that NBC, I was at church, with my family, all ten of us.  And my two married daughters were at their church's too. So I want to know who you were afraid of offending by changing something as meaningful as the Pledge of Allegiance? Who gave you permission to do that? It seems no one is worried about offending Christians.  Why? When did we become none citizens of this country?
     I want to know who's big idea it was and have him or her fired.  You know why, because I am tired of this era of political correctness, where be bend over back wards for a few people while ignoring the rest.  I am not offended by the use of a deities name in any context.  If you have a menorah in your widow that's great.  If your agnostic that's fine. If your Wiccan more power to you, but don't tell me that in the interest of political correctness we have to ex-sponge any reference to God from our culture.  What about the majority of us that believe in a God?  Despite what President Obama says, we are a christian nation.  You are free to worship as you please here, or not worship at all, but I want the same privilege. We have gone too far.  President Obama cancels the 21 annual National Day of Prayer, "not wanting to offend anyone," but prays with Muslims for three hours a few weeks later.  How about equal treatment for all of us Mr. President?  How about respecting the Christians as much as you respect the Muslims, apparently not.   Strange how this worked out for someone that attended a Christian church for twenty years, even if that church was anti-white and anti-American.
     Are we going to have to come up with our own version of the ACLU  and sue just to be able to be practicing Christians, in our own land, in a few decades?  It's a scary thought isn't it?

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