Monday, June 6, 2011

My Summertime Goals

     Do you ever make big plans for all the things you're going to do during the summer?  I do.  This year I have a mental list of things.
   1. Exercise more.
   2. Write.
   3. Plan better meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
   4. Do gardening at home and at the community garden our church has.
   5. Do fun things with the kids that don't cost much.
   6. Work with the boys on a few things they are weak on in school.
   7. Try to spend time with the hubby, alone, no kids.
   8. Clean and organize the garage, this includes painting and coating the garage floor with that shiny stuff.
   9. Get a garden shed and move all the yard junk from the garage to the shed.
  10. Read.
     These are in no special order and I would like to do all of them.  These are my goals. I'm putting them out here so that they aren't just in my head.  It seems like when others know your goals you are held a little bit more accountable than if your goals are only in your head. I'm still not quite sure about number one. I may have to think about that one for a while before putting it into practice.  After all, that leads to sweating and I don't care for that much.  I do have a fairly extensive reading list.  I'll blog about that tomorrow.
     What are your big plans for summer?  Is anyone doing anything special or unusual?  I would love to know.


  1. Gardening more can be your exercise dont forget! You can also go for walks with dad alone, so you can spend time together and exercise.

  2. Two birds with one stone, thanks Karly.