Monday, March 12, 2012

The Kind Of Monna I Want To Be

     Having my grandchildren close by has always been very important to me. I don't want to be the kind of grandma, or Monna as the grandkids call me, that they only see on holidays. Or who sends them a birthday card, or an awful sweater at Christmas time.
     I want to be the kind of Monna that has several high chairs in her kitchen because one just isn't enough when they all come by for dinner unannounced. I want to be the kind of Monna that keeps a portable crib handy for quick naps for grouchy babies. I want to be the kind of Monna, who keeps extra clothes in a bin just in case someone makes a mess, or needs pajamas to spend the night.
     As the grandkids get older I want to be the the one that picks them up from school when mom is running late getting her hair done, or at the dentist. I want to be the one they complain to about their parents being a pain in the neck and not understanding them. I want to see them doing all the fun things kids do and cheer them on while they do them.
     I want to be a large part of their lives and I want them to know me. Yesterday, my little granddaughter Lacee came over and showed me the scrape she got on her knee when she fell at church. She was still pretty upset about it, so we snuggled on the couch and I told her I was sorry she got hurt. Her little smile warmed my heart.
     I love my grandkids all eight, soon to be nine, of them. I hope and pray for their health and happiness forever and always. That's the kind of Monna I want to be.