Monday, March 26, 2012

My Blog Tour

  Many of my writer friends are doing blog tours to help promote their books, so today I thought I would do one, only since my book isn't available quite yet, I thought I would interview myself. Here goes.

Me: So how does it feel to know that you are about to release your first book ever?
Self: It's scary. It's like having someone critiquing your child. You hope everyone will like it, but you never know.
Me: Your pen name is Amberly Evans, why did you choose to go with a pen name?
Self: Because Sheereen in too hard to spell, thanks Mom.
Me: Tell us about your book.
Self: Well if your reading this, you've probably already read most of it, Into the Darkness is about a girl who is psychic, she has visions of murder and she meets a homicide detective who doesn't believe it that kind of stuff and they fall in love, but like most relationships it's not an easy course. They have problems and have to work through them.
Me: Where do you get your ideas?
Self:  They just come to me.
Me: So what's next?
Self: I have a sequel planned for Into the Darkness, that I can't wait to write. I also have a historical western finished, it was actually my first book, that I may make available.
Me: Your family must be very supportive for you to be able to take the time to write like that.
Self: Ah, yeah, except when there is no dinner on the table, or clean underwear for them, they get a little grumpy.
Me: What does your husband think about your writing?
Self: He would like me to be successful, so he can retire early.
Me: Does he read your work?
Self: He only reads the sports page.
Me: Oh, what about your kids, do they all read your work?
Self: One of my daughters reads my chapters and helps critique them, but the rest of them don't read what I write.
Me: What is the most surprising thing you have discovered about writing?
Self:  How stiff and sore my behind gets when I sit on it for too long.
Me: Really?
Self: Yes, and how hard it is to write a 125,000 word book and make it cohesive.
Me: How much of you is in your characters?
Self: I think any writer will tell you there is bits and pieces of you in all your characters, but the fun of writing is getting to be someone else and to live a different life for a while.
Me: What is the most rewarding thing about writing a book?
Self: Finishing...and having people say they like it.
Me: What are your goals for your writing career?
Self: To keep writing the stories that I would want to read. Hopefully, they will make people happy and enrich their lives a little bit. I hope to give them a little bit of diversion and entertainment.
Me: That's admirable.
Self: Thank you.
Me: So what are your plans for the immediate future?  
Self: To shower and go buy milk.
Me: Not that immediate.
Self:  Oh, sorry. To keep writing. I am thinking of trying to do a Christmas story.
Me: That's great. Will it be on your blog?
Self: I don't think so. I was really difficult to post chapters as you write them. If I had known how hard it would be, I probably wouldn't have done it.
Me: Well, thanks for the interview and good luck with your book.
Self: Thanks for having me.
Me: You can go shower now.
Self: What are you trying to say?
Me: Nothing. Do you always look like that in the morning?
Self: Look like what?
Me: Never mind.
Self: That's one of the benefits of writing, no one can see you working in your pajamas.


  1. Love the self-interview! Very fun. And yay for working in pj's. =)

  2. I can't decide. Was this therapy, or a step closer to the deep end?

    Very funny. Nice interview. Lovely chemistry between the two of you.

  3. Loved this Sheereen! I should talk to myself, really dive deep so that I can have the kind of honesty with myself that you have with yourself. :)