Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Take Pride in Your Work

    I guess the economic downturn made it necessary for most printed news organizations to lay off their editors, because the news articles I read now have so many mistakes in them I sometimes have to read them two or even three times to try and figure out what they are trying to say. It's like reading something written by a child or a non-native English speaking person. Have you noticed this?
     I realize that mistakes happen, I make a lot of them, but these are people who make their living doing this. Have we gotten so busy that no one proof reads anymore? 
     I read most of my news off the internet now days and it's getting so bad I can't believe it. Next we're going to have, lol and imho inserted into news articles.
     And it's not just there that I have noticed this. I recently took an online class from another writer. The class had over one-hundred pages of notes that needed to be printed out. More often than not, the pages had errors on them. Not spelling errors, thank goodness for spell check, but sentence structure errors. I would have to read the sentences several times to understand the meaning.
     When you make your living with the written word you need to show it some respect. For a writer to send this out into the big bad world in such a state doesn't reflect well on her.
      I realize that most of us today just figure out what is trying to be said and move on, we don't have time to bemoan something so trivial, but where is the pride in a job well done? In professionalism? Are we lowering the bar for future generations to not reach the standards of our parents?
     I realize this isn't an earth shaking issue, but it bugs me. I feel better now that it is off my chest.

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