Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Eternal Search for Something to Eat for Dinner

     My mom went back to work when I was thirteen. I would get out of school, walk by the elementary school, pick up my little sisters and we'd walk home together. I would get them a snack and make sure they started their homework. Later on I would start whatever dinner my mom left out for the family. By the time she got home it was usually close to done. Because of this I feel like I have been making dinner all of my life.
      Perhaps this is why, at times, I am sick of my own cooking and need to find new recipes to add some variety to my culinary life. When I find a good one and it's quick and easy I feel like I have hit the lottery.       
     Lately I have been lucky and have found several new recipes to add to the rotation. Oh, we still save nights every month for the favorites like tacos, and steak, but Chili Verde and Tortellini Soup are now going to be regulars.
     Cooking for sixteen people every night pretty much insures that someone won't like something. I have one that's pretty much a vegetarian. Another one who takes two bites and then won't eat any more. One with stomach issues. Another who won't eat anything that isn't coated with sugar. And there is always someone on a  diet. When I find a meal that the majority enjoy, it's a keeper. 

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