Friday, May 3, 2013

We Rock!

     It has been one week since my daughter got the keys to her new house. In that week we have scrubbed every wall. We have painted and repainted. New appliances have been delivered. New carpet has been installed. New drawers in the kitchen have been ordered and should be here in two weeks. (They took all the kitchen drawers.) I guess actually emptying them into a box was too much for them. And though we still have a few things to touch up and a broken window to repair we are on the downhill slide.
     Now we just have to do the actual moving in. We are all beyond tired and looking forward to the finish line, but we won't be happy until we are done and can survey a job well done.
     I have discovered how much our family can do when we work together and how well we work together. Try to imagine this, we have had six of us doing most of the work. Between them, five of them have children eight and under. I still have three kids that are underage, so that makes eleven kids. We have ten different sports being played, one in pre-school, a kindergartener, four of them are two and under, dance class and a job.
     Trying to juggle all of the logistics and doing the work was an example of multi-tasking that would make NASA proud.
     Still we have persevered and we are almost there. It's a wonder what one family can do when they are there for each other. We rock, if I do say so myself. 

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