Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Don't Want To Be The Mom Today.

     Here it is late in the day and I am just now getting to my blog. That should give you an indication of what kind of day it's been. Why is it no matter how hard you try to be on top of things, life just gets the better of you sometimes and you wish you would have crawled right back into bed. It hasn't been a bad day, I just didn't get to all the things I wanted to and now the day is done and here I sit discouraged about my lack of accomplishment.  I did exercise this morning and I did read my scriptures. I also showered, ran a few errands and paid a bill, just a few little things. I did parent teacher conference also.  I won't list all the items I had planned that I didn't get too because I don't have that much space. Let's just say that my to do list is full and then some for tomorrow.
     I have had other days when I don't get to everything on my list, but today it is bugging me. It feels like the perfect storm of discouragement. I should focus on what I got done, not what didn't and move on, but what I have to move on to right now is making dinner and I just don't wanna. Sometimes I want some else to be the mom. Do you ever have days like this?

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