Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Emergency Room Visit For Me.

    I spent last night at the emergency room with my oldest daughter, Kristin. She called me late last night and said she had a fever and couldn't breathe. Since she has mild asthma, I was concerned. I went over and picked her up at 1:00am and headed to the hospital, while her hubby stayed with the kids. She was so dizzy from not being able to catch her breath that I had to get a wheelchair to get her inside. They gave her a breathing treatment and she could catch her breath a little better, but she was still in severe pain when she inhaled. The doctor, who was very nice, tried to tell her it was because she was having an anxiety attack do to her inability to catch her breath. Kristin and I looked at him and thought, "This guy has no idea what kind of pain tolerance Kristin has." After a while, when she was still in pain, they took a chest X-ray  and found a spot about the size of a quarter. Pneumonia is the official diagnosis. They finally gave her pain meds, steroids, antibiotics and we got to go home.
     The point of this is even when your kids are grown, with babies of their own, they still need their moms when they are sick.  And that Davis Hospital has the best ice in the world. I had three full cups while we were there. :)

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