Monday, January 23, 2012

Back To Reality

   I'm baaacccckkk. After a very busy week and a few days spent at a writer's retreat, I am back doing the mom thing. I have to say the hubby did a great job of keeping it all together while I was gone. My older kids pitched in too, thanks guys.
    Now, I am facing my daily reality, dirty bathrooms, laundry and dishes. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just not do all the stuff we have to do and just do all the things we want to do?
    What would you do if you had no responsibilities and could play all day? I would write and read and then change it up and read and write. In the spring I would garden for part of the day. And as long as we are living a fantasy here, I would eat all the bad-for-me foods I want and not get fat, well, fatter.
    Since I know I can't do this I have to find the good times amongst the responsibilities. Like yesterday after church my eight-year-old snuggled next to me on my bed and we watched Jurassic Park Three together. He is my baby and when he was little and the older kids were all in school we had this ritual where we would watch a movie together almost every day and snuggle on the couch. It was kind of like his nap time, but he never slept.
     Yesterday he said, "Mom, do you remember when we used to watch this movie together before I started preschool?"
     "I do."
     "I miss snuggling with you sometimes."
     What can I say. It touched my heart and I realized that reality can be pretty darn good. I'm going to make it a point to snuggle with him as much as I can until he won't snuggle with me anymore, because time goes by so fast.


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