Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Few Observations About Dieting.

     As many of you know since Oct. I have been trying to drop a few(a lot) of pounds off of my puffy self. It's hard work, but I'm doing it. And to my dismay, I have found that a lot of the cliche's about losing weight are true, you really do have change your eating habits and your lifestyle if you want to lose weight permanently, which really stinks. I liked my eating habits. I liked snacking on Lays potato chips dipped in sour cream with an ice cold Coke. I enjoyed having chocolate ice cream with heavy whipping cream poured on top and stuck in the freezer until it got hard and then eating it with my eyes rolling back in my head in extreme pleasure. However, I didn't like that my fat jeans were getting too small and when both my parents were diagnosed with Diabetes, I knew it was time to make some changes. The strange thing is that I have had to change not only the way I look at food, but my grocery store shopping habits as well.
     It's funny how we don't think twice about buying two packages of Oreo's which now cost more than six bucks, but I wince when buying a pack of strawberries at $2.50 or a bag of Cuties. for $3.88. My cart now has more fruits and vegis in it than snack foods. What's even stranger is that my family gobbles down the fruit just as fast as the Oreo's, which I love to see. On Christmas day I made a huge vegi tray (no chips and dip this year) I had to refill it three times, and no one complained about it. I figured I would have a mutiny on my hands. My little granddaughter, Sofia loves sugar snap peas! Who knew!
     We have also stopped eating fast food so much, mainly because the cost was getting out of control. We have been cooking and eating real meals here at home much more often and really enjoying it. I love using my Le Creuset pot to make a big batch of White bean and chicken chili. I could go on and on about my pot, but that is a whole other blog. ")
     Let me just say that this whole trying to be healthier thing has been a learning experience for me that I never thought I could accomplish because, well because I have the back bone of over cooked spaghetti, but I'm working on it.


  1. I hear you on the changing the oh so love habits of eating our favorite foods. This last year during the holidays I really lost track of the portion controls. I started in the summer with Nutrisystem and lost about 20 pounds, and once I got my portions in control I cancelled the order. Then I lost it when November and December came around, and I gained it all back .It's depressing, so now everytime i crave that white piece of bread, i eat wheat instead. When I want chocolate, i have a small chocolate protein shake. I replace all of my vegging on veggies. So far so good. I hope the best for you ;)

  2. Now that Bill and I are alone I have control of what goes in the cupboard, and since money is tight we aren't going out to eat. I am starting to lose weight although very slowly. I need more exercise and that will help. The last time I changed my diet I felt so good! I can't believe I an back where I started, so here we go again!!