Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012, Here We Go!

     Well, here we are, at the beginning of a new year. I swear it should only be March of 2011, but no it's now 2012. Are you going to make any resolutions, or have you given those up? I for years made the same resolutions over and over, sometimes working on them and sometimes not. Here are a few of them.
 1. Get healthy, lose weight.
 2. Be a better mother and wife.
 3. Get organized.
 4. Save money.
 5. Read my scriptures.
     I had varying amounts of success with each one, but if I ever mastered them they wouldn't have been on the next years list and they always were. This year I am keeping the same ones, but I actually started them in October. I have lost just over twenty-five pounds since then and I am almost half way through The Book of Mormon, I sat down yesterday and made out menus for the entire month of January, minus a few days here and there, so I'm doing good on three out of the five. I need to work on the better wife and mother one and the saving money is going to be a toughy.
     What are your resolutions this year? Are they realistic, or are you shooting for the stars? Give a shout out and share them, maybe, I'll adopt a few more. Whatever they are, I am wishing for all of you a super great, successful, happy, healthy and wonderful new year. I thank you for all your support in reading my blog and my story. I appreciate the kind comments and encouragement. In fact I think I'm going to add one more resolution to my list, 6. To write more often and get something published, even if it's indie published on Amazon. Now there is a goal. :)
     If you can't leave a comment here, leave it on Facebook, I really would like to know what you resolutions are.

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