Friday, January 27, 2012

This Can't Be Happening!!!

     My brand new laptop has died. I'm not sure if it will require a burial or just major life support. In the mean time, it feels like everything has come to a stop. Funny how much you learn to depend on those things in your day to day life. You have no idea how many times a day I think, I'm going to look that up, or I'm going to check on that, but I can't and it's driving me crazy.
     The day we have some major disaster and the nation wide power grid goes down, you will all know just how I feel. The USA will under go some serious withdrawal, let me tell you. How will be do our banking without the internet? How will be entertain our kids for hours at a time? We will have to sit and talk to our husbands after the kids go to bed. No wonder the pioneers went to bed at sundown.
     I'm hoping my son-in-law can fix it this weekend. I'll let you know if I have to resort to strong meds to help me over the hump or if I am able to tough it out. :)

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