Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Things I've learned About Writing

     Since last April, when I posted the first chapter of Into the Darkness, I have learned so much about writing and about myself. I thought I would share a few observations. I only intended to put the first chapter on to see if anyone even liked it. I had so many people ask me for more I thought I would just put on the next one or two chapters, after all it was a work in progress not a finished book. I soon felt pressured not to let the readers among you down so I kept going. It was like working under a deadline, which is very contrary to my nature. I like to procrastinate until I'm in the mood to do what ever. That's probably why it took seven years to finish my first book.
     I also learned how hard it is to write and put out a chapter for everyone to see when all you have is a basic plot idea. Writing is complicated, especially doing it this way because you have to make sure that all your foreshadowing in done properly and is in the right places. So far the foreshadowing is turning out okay, which I attribute to good luck rather than talent. I got lucky that my plot followed along.
     I also learned that many people have short attention spans and if they can't read it all in one or two sittings they lose interest. That's okay. I also learned how many of you are readers and that makes my heart glad.

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