Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why I have decided to self-publish my books

     When I started writing my first book, the thought of publishing it was the last thing on my mind. I really just wanted to see if I could finish something that made sense. It took me seven long years and the book is about 440 pages, but I did it. By the way, it's not Into The Darkness. My first book is called In The Shadow Of The Mountains, and it's a western romance. Into The Darkness is considered paranormal romance. Any how, along the way I found out that a good friend of mine in my old ward in Califorinia was a writer and a published one at that. I found her book on the shelf at Walmart. Hello Bronwyn. She's the one who introduced me to Romance Writers of America. I have been going to meetings ever since and have learned so much.
     My,oh, my how things have changed over the years. It used to be you had to wait for "the call." That was when an editor, or an agent called and wanted something you had written. If you were lucky they published it, if not you spent forever revising and rewriting and they rejected it anyway. You can rewrite and revise forever and never write another original word. Even if they didn't make you do all that, it was sometimes two years before you saw your book on the shelf. It took forever to make any money off of your books and there was always the issue of "creative bookkeeping" Many writers felt they weren't treated with the respect they deserved. Publishers need writers just as much as writers need publisher.
     Here we are today when a writer can fore go all of that and put their work up for sale on the internet and start working on something new. The pay is straightforward, sell a book get your percentage the next month. No marketing, printing or agent fees are taken out. Writers are making more money doing their own thing than what they made with traditional publishers.The big six publishing companies in New York are now realizing that they may have made some serious mistakes in not treating the hand that feeds them a little better because all of the sudden a lot of talented writers are not submitting. Even previously published authors are self pubbing.
     Will there be bad books by untalented writers on the internet, of course, but there were bad books published traditionally also, and if a writer gets enough bad reviews people will eventually stop buying there books.
     My goal is not to get rich, I would just like my books to be enjoyed by family and friends. And if a few others stumble upon them and like them, that would be awesome. So I am all for putting my work out there and seeing what people think, good or bad.
     All of you that have read, commented, made suggestions and pointed out typos and rough patches in my story have been invaluable to me. Thanks for your help and encouragement. It means the world to me. Now to move forward, put my books out there and start a new one.  :)

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