Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's Stop The Hate And Focus On The Issues

     I saw a movie a long time ago where two men were talking about union vs non-union workers and the fighting between them that was going on. One man said to the other, "As long as they are fighting with each other they won't notice what we are doing." Then he smiled a really evil smile.
     I can't help but think of this when I see people on TV, or read in the newspaper, yesterday I even saw a pin on Pinterest, that was so hostile to Republicans it surprised me. I know it goes both ways. The democrats hate the republicans and the republicans hate the democrats, but why? I can have a different opinion without hating some one. That's why we vote, majority rules, remember learning that in elementary school. After voting in class on rather we should have an ice cream party or a pizza party we didn't hate our classmates if we lost.
     This brings me to my point. Are our elected officials trying to flame the fires so we aren't paying attention to what they are really up to? I can't figure out why all of us aren't kicking all of them out of office in droves, dems and repubs. What have they done for us lately but mess up what once was the most powerful and most respected nation in the world. They are spending money we don't have and forcing all kinds of legislation down our throats that we don't want. What is up with that? Why isn't anyone saying anything? Are we too busy to pay attention or are out elected officials using the smoke and mirror trick to keep us from knowing what they are really doing? I had to ask because I am concerned that we are headed down a long and dangerous path that we may not be able to get back from. And our children are going to pay the price.

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  1. I have the same issue with Religion. When people want to freak out on another religion because they dont share the same beliefs. I hate how much people hate on each other for differences.