Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Think About Those Who Steal

     To the person who took my son's wallet in California, I hope there is a special place in hell for thieves. I place you only one step above child molesters and abusers. To take something that someone else has worked for through no blood, sweat and tears of your own is on a lowly level all its own.
     Through the years I and we, meaning myself personally and my family have been the victims of theft of different kinds, bikes, cars broken into, a stroller taken from our car, some idiot went so far as to steal my son-in-laws scriptures out of his car. Can you imagine?! They were from him mission and had been thoroughly marked, he was very disappointed and upset.
     It isn't even the value of the items that have been taken as it is the sense of violation that you feel when someone steals from you. Although, I have to add that my hubby and I were actually insulted by the fact that when we had a small family, four kids, someone broke into our house and took nothing, not even our 13inch black and white TV. All they did was smash my daughters piece of bread onto the coffee table. What?! our stuff isn't good enough for a thief?  The nerve.
     My son doesn't even care about the $25.00 in his wallet, it is the hassle of replacing all the stuff, drivers license, ATM cards, credit cards, gym membership cards and all the other junk you carry and don't think about. Couldn't they have just taken the money and left the wallet? That would have been the nice thing to do and it would have given the thief a touch of redeeming value, but no. What a hassle, he had flown to Cali, and had no ID to get back home so he had to go the the DMV for a temporary license and then had to answer a ton of questions by the TSA to get back home, not to mention the complete physical, I mean pat down he had to endure.
     Like I said, I hope there is a special place just for thieves and I hope it's hot and uncomfortable there.

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