Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hairs To You

     I got my hair cut and highlighted today.  My head feels ten pounds lighter, even though Jessica didn't cut off that much.  Why is that?  And what is it about getting your hair done that makes you feel so good about life?
     For me, I think it has something to do with waiting until I absolutely can't stand my hair for one more minute before I call and make an appointment.  Seriously, I am usually to the point where I want to shave my head.  And then I just imagine the horrified face of my husband when he sees his bald wife for the first time and I decide I better not go that far.  It is so easy for them, unless of course your Donald Trump, they just shower and go.  We have to gel, and mousse, and tease, and curl, and straighten and whatever.  And what thanks do we get for all that work. "It cost how much!?"  Well, excuse me, I can't just run a number two clip over my head and go.
     Of course he doesn't do that I do. I have been cutting my husbands and my three sons hair for quite a while now, saving us a small fortune, because it needs to be done about once a month. I wish you could all be in our tiny bathroom when this is about to go down.  I have the clippers in my hand, buzzing away, and the hubby is draped in the hot, plastic, sheet thingy and he looks at me and says, "We're good right? "You're not mad at me for anything are you?"  You'd think I was about to give him a vasectomy.
      It's pretty pathetic, after all, it's only hair.

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  1. HEE HEE HEE! Love it! You just tell Gary when he complains about how much it costs to get your hair done that you earned it from all the money you saved doing his and your boys hair cuts all these years and to back off!!! I never get a complaint because I cut Bill's hair too and have for many years. So I don't think it is too much to ask to get my hair done every 3 months. Your so very funny!!! Tell Gary I said hi!!!