Thursday, May 5, 2011

Houston We Have Tulips!

     I have blogged before about all the work the hubby and I did last fall when we planted over one hundred tulip bulbs.  All winter long I have waited, and hoped, and prayed that those bulbs would live up to their promise and bloom.  I had such high expectations.  After all, in California we couldn't grow tulips because it just didn't get cold enough in the winter, which is why most Californians love it there, especially in the winter.
     In fact their are a lot of things that grow here that you can't grow in Cali.  Apple trees, for instance, though I don't have one of those.  I do have a pear tree, and two peach trees, and two plum trees and an Asian pear, which I don't like very much.  Now the peach and plum trees would grow in Cali. but it feels different here.  In Utah so many people have fruit trees and grow large gardens that it's almost expected.  The gardens are a lot of work, but it is so cool when things start to grow.  The kids love harvesting the stuff we grow.  Last year we had a plot in the Stake garden and we had to plant it, weed it and harvest it. My two youngest boys were my garden helpers.  We had such a good time while we worked and it was cool to see what all the other plots had growing in them.  Gardening is so cool, I love it.  You know what else I love?  I love my tulips.  Yes!  "Houston we have tulips.


  1. I wanna see more pics! They look sooo pretty!

  2. Mom I emailed you those pictures I took of the tulips, I guess I am a little late can post them with another post maybe?