Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If You Had Six Months To Live What Would You Do?

     I heard someone ask this question at a conference once, "If you found out you only had six months to live what would you do?"  Would you quit your job and travel around the world?  Would you move to the beach? Would you write that novel that has been on your mind forever?  Would you divorce your spouse? Would you patch up old wounds with friends and family?  Would you quit your job and spend all your time with your children or grandchildren?  The answers could be as varied as the sands of the sea.
     If, when faced with that scenario, you wouldn't make any major changes in your day to day life, you are right where you need to be.
     I have often thought about the end of my earthly life.  Many years ago, I thought about those last moments and I pictured myself laying in my bed, an old woman, and my main thought was I didn't want to look back and think of all the wasted moments spent in anger or ambivalence.  I thought about all the times I had gotten mad at my husband for things that really didn't matter. I thought about all the times I put frivolous activities before my children, even though they seemed important at the time.  I didn't want to look back and think instead of wasting my time on that I wish I would have done this.
     Realistically, I think most people will have a few regrets, we wouldn't be human if we didn't second guess ourselves, but stepping back and looking at where we have been, where we are and where we are going is a healthy thing to do.
     I am really happy with my life and the choices I have made.  I have spent most of my life giving to others.  At times I wonder if my children will ever see that?  Will it influence them to do the same, because while we live in a time when it is all about "me," it really isn't all about "me."  It's all about what you give.  That is where true happiness comes from, what you give comes back to you ten fold.  That is why I am so blessed.  

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  1. I'm behind in reading your posts - Love the Road Trip adventure and can relate. Just moved my daughter and her car all the way to Florida. In the second day of the return journey she calls to tell me she just totalled the car! Totalled a car it took me four days to tow? Geesh -

    But that aside - this post, on what if you only had six months to live - reminds me of how you always make me think. I like that, I really like that. Thanks for the blogs!