Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Disney Days

     As most of you could tell from previous blog posts I had my doubts about the whole Cali trip.  Of course I wanted to be there and see my daughter graduate from college, that's a big deal.  I just didn't want to have to drive there with four of my children in the back seat.  I'm still waiting for the transporter to be invented, you remember Star Trek, they would step into those tubes and dissolve into those sparkly little dots and in seconds they were where ever they wanted to be.  No stopping for potty breaks, no car sickness, no whining, why in heaven's name hasn't someone invented those things yet?!
     Anyway, we finally made it to Cali, saw Katie graduate and then made our way to Disneyland.  This was no small undertaking, we had twelve people in all, including three children, four and under.  The paraphernalia you have to have when traveling with small children could sink a ship.  Our suite at the hotel looked like a thrift store. Every morning we would pack up, board the shuttle and off to the happiest place on earth we went.  We would spend the day going from ride to ride, from California Adventure back to Disneyland and vice versa.  I was surprised, no shocked, when the teenagers wanted to stay with us and all ride together.  We must have gone on Grizzly River Run in CA ten times.  We all got soaking wet and we had a blast.  We did all the good rides, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn, Peter Pan, Small World, and all the rest.
     On our last day, even though I don't think my feet could have done any more, I was sad that it was over.  And I realized, I really like these people.  Of course I love them, name an organ and it's yours, but I really like them and that's not the same thing.  I like them and I would choose to spend time with them if given the option and I think that says it all.  

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