Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Is Your Passion?

     Have you ever heard the expression, A creative mind can be a dangerous thing?  I should know I have one. Did you know that you have one too?  My creative mind has taken me down so many roads I probably couldn't count them and it has been a wonderful journey.  I love to learn new things, so the other day I signed up for a painting class.  I have always wanted to take one, so when I saw the sign up sheet at Hobby Lobby I thought, what the heck.
     In our old house, my creative mind was always planning new projects.  I painted and wallpapered that house from top to bottom so many times that I have to look at old pictures to remember what I had done. I even learned to lay ceramic tile.  My daughter and I found tiles for 26 cents each on clearance and cleaned out the store. We then tiled my entire kitchen and patio room. This was no small job as my kitchen was 24 feet long by 16 feet wide. The patio room was slightly smaller and we had to go down a step.  When the guy came to install the granite counter tops he asked who did the tile.  When I told him my daughter and I did, he couldn't believe it. 
     That moment taught me that if you want to learn something new go for it. Everyone has a talent or a gift.  The hard part is finding that talent or gift.  I always tell my kids you have to find your passion.  Some people have music, some have art, some are athletes, there's cooking, and jewelry making, the possibilities are endless. Some people have more than one passion in life, which is awesome.
     Here's your chance to sound off. What is your passion?  What is something you have learned how to do or something you have always wanted to learn to do?  And for all my writing friends, don't say writing.  I know that is a passion for you, but what else do you love?   



  1. Movies are a passion, so in my ideal world I'll write a book they decide to make a movie of and I'll get to write the screenplay and help pick out cast and loiter on the set and go to the premier and hob nob with all the actors I adore. Oh and I'd like to learn to dance and play the piano. :)

  2. I love movies too. And I wish I was musical, but I am not,as my children will tell you

  3. Passions?
    Wow, the list is long. Family,friends,love, writing, helping others succeed. A need to be productive. That's some of what floats my boat.
    Great blog.

  4. My most favorite hobby is scrapbooking!!!!

  5. I love dancing -- just wish my hubby did.
    I love ceramics -- used to make alot of gifts
    I love pictures and always wanted to be a photographer. Took a few class and decided it could become a hobby instead.

    Isn't life great?

  6. There are things that I like but I don't know what my passion is. I will say at this point in my life, my kids are my passion.