Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Mother's Day

     Well, it's eight-thirty on Sunday night and I snuck away to write my blog for Monday.  Today is Mother's Day.  A day when we honor our moms and or mother-figures, or grandmothers, or sisters, or daughters, or whomever we want to, that is usually of the female persuasion.
     We get a chance to say thanks for putting up with all the crap I put you through when I was a teenager and thought I knew it all. We get a chance to say thanks for taking care of me when I was a colicky baby and you didn't get to sleep for six months.  Thanks for helping me realize that my life was not over when I didn't make the cheer-leading squad in junior high, or when I had a massive pimple on my nose the day graduation pictures were being taken. Thanks for teaching me that life isn't fair, even when we think it should be.  Thanks for teaching me that if you work for something it is much sweeter than if someone hands it to you for free.  Thanks for teaching me that life is really about hard work with some fun thrown in, rather than the other way around.  I appreciate knowing that life is about family and friends and not what kind of car you drive. 
     For me Mother's Day comes many days of the year.  I experience it when my daughters say, "How did you raise ten kids?"  It happens when someone calls to ask for my advice or talk about a problem they are having.  It's Mother's Day for me when all of my kids are here, not because it's a holiday, but because they want to be.  It was Mother's Day for me two weeks ago when my twenty-one-year old son told me that we(his family) are his best friends."  It's Mother's Day when one of my eight grand kids hugs me and says, "I love you, Monna."  It's Mother's Day when my hubby says I'm the only one who could hold this place together.
     Being a mom really is the best, hardest, happiest and saddest job in the world.  Thanks to all the mom's out there and thanks to my mom. I hope your day was the best ever.


  1. I like things for free. I would not complain if my life were more fun less work....but I am very blessed to have learned all I know from my Mommy! Love u!

  2. Thanks, Kristin, that's one of the nicest things you've said to me in a long time. And I love you too.