Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Ten Hour Drive

     Well, our ten hour drive turned into a three day adventure.  We left Wednesday afternoon because our baseball games were cancelled due to rain.  After a trip to Walmart and fifty dollars worth of junk food and I mean junk, except for Karrah's vegi-tray, if she hadn't been born at home I'd demand a DNA test, we got on the road.  We hit major snow near beaver and decided to stop in Cedar City.  We stayed at our fav hotel there and I discovered that sharing a queen size bed with the hubby has lost it's charm.  In the morning we woke up with two sick girls so off to the urgent care we went.  It appears we are traveling with Strep throat.  Walgreens was our next stop with three perscriptions, and then back on the road.  We made it to Vegas before I was freezing and running a fever so we found a hotel and stayed the night.  Good decision, I don't think I would have made it.  We finally arrived and I think we are on the mend.  We still have the graduation and Disneyland to go and I'm not going to say "the worst is over because I don't want to temp fate."

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  1. You've given this day a wonderful start and opened my mind to several people that I will be remembering. Thank You and Thank You too for your special friend, Judy.