Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caylee Anthony, May She Rest In Peace.

     Is there anyone out there not shocked by the Casey Anthony verdict?  Is there anyone not outraged that a mother apparently got away with murder?  I was not on the jury so I don't know what they heard and only Caylee, Casey and God know for sure what happened to that adorable little girl, but here's what I do know.
     You ask any mother who has lost their child in a store for more than a few minutes what their reaction was and you will hear things like, I was crying my eyes out, I was screaming for him and I didn't care who heard me, I was calling the police, I was telling the clerk to call security and lock down the store.  You won't hear anyone say that they decided to enjoy the moment and go dancing. You won't hear them say they decided to lie about where their child was to the child's grandparents.  You won't hear them say that they have decided to lie to the police about every aspect of where the child is because their father might or might not have tried to molested them when they were eight years old. 
     Casey Anthony may think she is walking away a free woman, but she's not.  If you were an employer looking to hire someone and she walked through your door would you hire her, knowing she is a proven liar?  If you met her at a party would you want to be her friend?  This is a girl who accused her father of molesting her in a public forum only when she was trying to come up with another excuse for her horrid behavior.  All the other lies she told weren't cutting it. She is going to be a social outcast to all but the lowest form of humanity. 
     The damage from this event is devastating.  I doubt her parents marriage will last (rumors of divorce are already circulating) out the year. Who knows what will happen to Casey's brother.  Anyone that had anything to do with this case will have to deal with the memories forever. 
     And last, but not least the world will never know what little Caylee might have been or accomplished in her life, because she never had a chance to live.  There in lies the real tragedy

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