Thursday, July 28, 2011

God, Please Bless America.

     How did our country get so messed up?  As I hear about the debt ceiling debate going on in Washington, and to be honest I try not to hear because it makes me furious, I can't believe that these people think they are representing the people.  I hear threats about not sending out social security checks, or not paying the men and women serving in the military and all I have to say to that is, "Hey you senate and congressional members, how about we with hold your pay checks until you get this country into a fiscally responsible place once again."  I doubt any of you would even notice because you get so many freebies that you wouldn't have to worry about keeping the lights on or the pantry full.
     How is it that these people are so out of touch with the reality of what is going on in America?  People are out of work and can't find jobs.  When we, the people can't pay our bills we cut back, no cable, no eating out, no shopping for anything that isn't an absolute necessity, what does our government do?  They spend trillions of dollars on programs that are going to bankrupt our country.  Where is the logic in this? 
Where is the sanity?  I can only assume that bankrupting the country is the ultimate goal of our government at this time and to what end?  That is the scary part. As the gross national product of our country shrinks and our leadership spends more than what we can possibly pay off you have to wonder.  Where will this end.  I'm very afraid that we may see the end of American as we have known it.


  1. We have to get Obama out of the white house before he destroys our country and I truly believe that is his plan.

  2. I think its all part of a plan to get us so dependent on the government, we'll let them have full control. Maybe we should all demand an "accounting" of the government spending so we can decided if a $50 nail to hang a picture is justified, or a $500,000 trip in a private jet just to shop for the day might be a little excessive? I'm with you, Stef. With hold Senators and Representative's paycheck until after everyone else is paid. Especially our military. Maybe the paycheck we should hold is The Presidents?