Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update On Will And Prayers Needed For Baby Lilly

     For those of you who are wondering how baby Will is doing here is an update.  Will is still in Children's Hospital of L.A.  His kidney have failed and while everyone is hoping that they kick in there is no sign of them doing so yet.  He underwent a major surgery in which doctors removed a large portion of his intestines.  He is stable, and fighting a good fight for such a little guy. 
     Baby Lilly and her twin brother Logan are the newest members of our extended family.  They were born last week by emergency C-section.  Lilly's heart rate took a nose dive and her mama was rushed to the delivery room.  Logan is fine but baby Lilly did not breath for 17 minutes.  She was flown to Primary Children's in Salt Lake were they have been taking care of her.  A recent MRI has shown substantial damage to both hemispheres of her brain. It looks like she may have some rough days ahead.
     Prayers for both of these precious babies is both desperately needed and appreciated.  Both children come from families with great faith and I know they are feeling the love and support from everyone that is thinking and praying for them.
     Thank you to all of my family and friends for all your love and support for these two beautiful babies.

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