Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

     Today is October 11th, it's my birthday and has been since midnight last night, and just to remind me of that four of my children came bursting into my room last night, at a few minutes after midnight and scared the heck out of me yelling, "Happy Birthday!!!" I often wonder what our neighbors think about our loudness as a family.
     I have one more year until I am over the hill. The funny thing is and what most young adults don't understand is when you get to this age, you don't feel any different than you did when you were say twenty-five. Yes, I can't see without my reading glasses and I am more tired than I used to be when my kids were little and I could function on four or five hours of sleep at night, but I still think pretty much the same and I have pretty much the same values. I still love my husband and he still loves me, that hasn't changed since I was sixteen. I love my family and each new little grandbaby that comes into our family insures that my legacy will live on after I am gone, because as my son pointed out last night at midnight I am past half way to death, there is no way I'm living until 98. Isn't that nice of him, the whippersnapper.
     I think today I'll take my cane and hobble out to lunch with a kid or two and try to keep my false teeth from falling out while I eat my lunch.

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