Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A New Priority List

     I saw something on tv the other day about a person who was not spending any money for thirty days. To be honest I wasn't really paying attention to what it was all about, but it got me to thinking, what if you couldn't spend any money for thirty days? What if something happened and all the stores were closed, no fast food, no gas stations. What if all the power went off, no electricity, no gas, no cell phones? How scary would that be?
     When I got to thinking about it I realized that food wise we would be fine. We would be eating a lot of rice, beans and pasta, but we would probably be healthier anyway. The problem I discovered, as I thought this all through, is we have gas and electric appliances even our bar-b-que is gas. We don't even have a camping stove. Now, if we had a generator we could crock-pot it, but no generator. I guess we would be building a fire pit in the back yard and cooking our food there.
     Heating our house would be a problem, our house has central air so that means gas. Our fireplace is also natural gas. No gas, no heat. We would probably be okay though, our house is insulated and we have plenty of blankets. We'd be doing a lot of snuggling under those blankets.
     Toilet paper would be a whole other issue. I have always been someone who tried to keep a lot of the staples on hand for a rainy day, but I can see that I need to rethink some of these things. Maybe put a few new priorities on my needs list. After all what good is having all this food if you can't cook it? I thought I was so well prepared and now I see that I need to refocus.

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  1. If you had to could you make your fireplace into a real fireplace?