Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

     Well, today is a day I dread all year. I know I should love it and look forward to it and rejoice in the moment, but I can't. Halloween, for me has always meant lots of work, little fun and days of clean up after wards. When my older kids were little I would start a month before Halloween asking them what they would like to be. Then I would set about trying to get a costume together that didn't cost me a fortune, only to have them come home from school the day before Halloween and say, "I don't want to be that now. I want to be this." All my work would be for naught.
   Then there was all the money I spent of candy. Talk about putting a dent in the budget, candy is not cheap, because I always buy the good stuff and to add insult to injury, I have a hard time keeping my hands off, so it becomes a gut-busting holiday. You know what I'm talking about. ") 
     And then there is the trick or treating itself. I do love seeing the cute little kids coming to my door and trying to remember to say trick or treat, that is the fun part. And now I love seeing my adorable grandkids in there costumes and enjoying the night. What I don't like was in California when, at nine-thirty at night these kids that looked like thugs would show up and yell trick or treat when you opened the door. It felt like a shake-down, "Give me candy or I'm gonna trash your house." They didn't say it, of course, but you felt it. Here in Utah it isn't quite that bad, but I have had some kids come kind of late. If I turn off the porch light they seem to get the message, but they never did in Cali. I had kids pounding on my door at ten o'clock at night.
     So for me the negatives out weighed the positives, so tonight I am going to try to have a good time and have a better attitude. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I feel your pain. sneakers for the jumping jack game. Sit down, answer the door, read a page, answer the door, fix makeup, answer the door, etc. You can't breath until the last of the die-hards or in my mind 9:00. Then clean up...yeah, real fun evening. Good Luck :)