Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm a Songbird

     I love to sing. I sing along with any song I hear and if I don't know all the words I'll make up my own. This has caused some issues with my family because, according to them, I can't carry a tune. I hear it just fine in my head, but apparently it doesn't sound the same to my children.
     I have heard them say things like, "Mom, who sings this song?"
     I, in my wisdom, tell them and they say, "Let's keep it that way."
    "Mom, please! I have a headache." "Mom, you're giving me a headache." "Don't sing when my friends get in the car." "We should just turn the radio off." "Is there any song you won't sing to?"
     Kids aren't real big on building a mom's self-esteem. Despite this, I still love to sing. I love the Christmas hymns at church and I love all the patriotic songs around the Fourth of July. I love country and I love rock. Mostly the old rock, but I like some of the new stuff. I just can't listen to it and not sing along, so sorry kids you had better get used to it. You're mama loves to sing.

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