Monday, October 24, 2011

I Can Do Hard Things

     I have set several new goals for myself recently, that I very much want to accomplish. These aren't like New Years Resolutions, where you write them down and then can't remember them a week later. My new goals, I want to incorporate into my life on a daily basis for the long run. The hard part is that I have been a goal setter, a list maker and a good intentions person my whole life. There is a part of me that is a perfectionist and I set the bar so high that when I can't reach it I give up. I am also a bit lazy. It's okay, I can admit it. You toss that in with mild ADD and you can see that accomplishing things is hard for me. Hard, but not impossible.
     I believe that you can take an idea or a goal and find a way to do it step by step, but you have to have realistic expectations. One of the first times that I realized I could accomplish something that seems way too hard is when I finished my first book. It took seven years. And in my own defense I did have three children in those seven years, not to mention the seven that I already had, and a husband, and a home and responsibilities. The point is I finished it. Over 140,000 words. A labor of love, but labor none the less. You can't imagine the feeling as I was getting the last few chapters down on paper(the computer) and out of my head. It was euphoric. If I never did anything else in my life, I wrote an entire book.
     I started out with an idea and I brought it all the way to fruition. This is why I know I can do things that seem impossible. What are the things in life that you want to accomplish, but have been putting off? Is there something that has been a monkey on your back for a while now? Well, today is the day to get on it. Start small, but start. Remember "You can do hard things."

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  1. I'm proud of you for always striving to write, mom! I admire you for it a lot. My big goal was to obtain my college degree. It took me 7 years and lots of sweat, stress, and tears. And now I know I can do anything! I dont have a lot of goals as of right now, but to obviously obtain my masters degree as well. I should make a goal list like my mom.