Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Unrealistic Expections

     I always look forward to school holidays and summer vacations, because in my mind I build it up to be this great, fun, carefree time, but it never turns out that way. This Christmas vacation for instance, I have my one daughter that lives in California here visiting and I had visions of all of us sitting around, while Christmas goodies baked in the oven, watching Christmas movies on TV and putting together a 1000 piece puzzle, I love doing puzzles, and having a grand time, it's not happening. Mostly we've watched football games and basketball games and I won't mention who's fault that is, but they know who they are.
     Last summer, I had visions of reading all kinds of books and going to the Roy Pool with the kids several times a week but that didn't happen either. Life just gets in the way. At our house shopping for food is a full time job. If I added up what I have spent at Walmart in the last month it would make you cry. I know this because it makes me cry every month and December is the worst.
     I know what the problem is here, I have unrealistic expectations. I am a see-the-world-through-rose-colored-glasses kind of girl and when the reality doesn't live up to my dreams I have to adjust. And I have to adjust a lot.
    You would think I would learn, but I just keep on hoping for that perfect time when I can do all the fun things that I plan on doing and none of the day to day responsibilities get in the way. Like I said, unrealistic expectations. :)

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