Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Few Things I'd Like To See In America

     As all this political fighting is going on over the budget I am amazed that you can't turn on the news or the internet without hearing about one party calling the other party names, and whose fault it is.  The Republicans are all racist and greedy corporate stooges that don't care about anything but the almighty dollar and the Democrats are all ultra liberals who want to take everything you've worked for and give it away.  I think they all need a time out and a few words about what has made this country great.
     This is what I would like to see in America.  Bring back jobs. Our government has allowed the export of so many of our jobs to foreign countries that I wonder what the next generation will do for work.  Between the unions, corporate taxes and the EPA, many businesses have found the United States an uninviting place to do business.  There has to be a happy medium here where we have the opportunity to work without poisoning our environment while we do it.
     As for welfare, take some of the money that we are using supporting these folks and pay for them to get college educations or to learn a trade.  Education is the key to a countries future.
     Health care.  We do need an overhaul of our countries health care system, but setting up a huge government run program that we can't afford is a mistake.  We should start by helping private insurance companies offer lower cost plans to low-income workers so that everyone has access to health care.  However, there has to be rules for example if someone gets a serious illness you can't cancel their coverage and so on. This has been a problem in the health care system and should have been addressed years ago. And when someone is in need of an extreme medical intervention such as a heart transplant for example there should be some kind of fund available to help families cover costs that insurances don't.  Australia has such a fund. Families shouldn't be driven into permanent poverty because their child has cancer. And good health care shouldn't only be available to an elite group. Are you listening Capitol Hill.
     I realize these are simplistic solutions to complex problems, but the point I am trying to make is we can fix it all with common sense and compassion. We have to stop bickering like children and compromise. 

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