Monday, September 17, 2012

How Weird Can One Family Get?

     I have come to the conclusion that we are a weird family. We go through these phases where we do or say the most random things and they go through the whole family for weeks and sometimes they stick around forever. 
     For instance our new family word is beverage. "I need a beverage." "A nice cold beverage would be perfect with this meal." "Mom! What kind of beverages do we have?"
     You get the point. It's kind of like finding a random object somewhere really strange. Like the Superman figurine at the bottom of a huge container of hair gel,or in the shower hiding behind the soap. Now, I know what your thinking, that in a house with small kids that happens, but it's not the small kids it's the adult kids that do these weird random things.
     They also like to have these conversations that start off normal and the next thing you know they are talking about monkey's egg laying habits in Iceland. We have had company over at times when this happens, they look at my kids with the most confused expressions on their faces you have ever seen, because they discuss these things in a totally serious manner.
     I'm sure our guests leave thinking we are the oddest family ever. Just like three years ago when we became enamored with peacocks. I don't know how and I don't know why. I do know that all of a sudden our house had pictures of peacocks everywhere. They were in the bathroom, on the ceiling above my bed and in the pantry in the kitchen. In fact the one in the pantry is still there.
     My kids like to randomly yell, "Peeeaaacoockkk!" out the window of our car at unsuspecting people as they walk down the street. Our t-shirts that my daughter had made for our family camping trip this summer had peacocks on them. If our last name was Peacock I could understand that, but it's not.
    We are just a weird family, fun but weird.


  1. We aren't weird, we are awesome! Can I get a PEACOCK!

  2. PEAAAACCCCOOOOCK!!! Pretty sure it was one of Dawson's first constant words. ;)