Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School-Love it or Hate it.

     It's fun to see your young kids go off to school for the first time. I know many of you have withdrawals, and shed some tears, but it is special to watch them come home from their first few days filled with the wonder of learning.
     Do you remember when they first recognized a letter they had learned. "Look, Mom. That's a B. B is for boy and for ball."
     I remember all of my kids doing this. My husband still talks about that day in first grade when all of the sudden reading made sense to him and he ran home and told his mom, "I can read! I can read!" He became and avid reader until he found sports.
     My grandson Dawson just started kindergarten and the first day was rough for him. He decided at the last minute he didn't want to go. There were tears and sad faces. And that kid has the saddest face. It breaks your heart to see him upset. My daughter got him into the class and when he realized it was going to be okay she left. The other day Dawson came home excited because they did his letter in school that day. He told my daughter, "They did my letter today, Mom. I told me teacher, "That's my letter and she said, I know." Then wide-eyed he asked, "How did she know that was my letter?"
     School, the love-hate relationship for both parents and kids a like for generations, but there are those moments when, "You get it," and anything is possible.


  1. Lol. I love that story about Dawson. We'll remember it always!