Monday, September 24, 2012

I Love Autumn

     I did it! I survived another summer. An overly hot, never ending, sweat-soaked summer. I always feel if I can make it to the 'ember' months I have a chance. Here it is, now officially autumn and I am still alive. Yayy!!!!!!!
     I love looking at the ten day forecast and seeing that the highest temperature is eighty degrees. I would however, like the nighttime temps to drop into the forties. Then I will know for sure that the worst is over. I love feeling the cool night air as I snuggle into my big comforter.
     People think we're crazy when I tell them we sleep with the windows open in the winter and not in the summer. I love fresh air, but it has to be cool fresh air. In the summer the air is too hot to be enjoyable.
     It's strange how all of my married kids have married people that come from homes where the temps were kept much higher than ours. They all think we are living in a refrigerator all summer because we keep our A/C so low. Duh, that's why we have A/C so we can be cold in the summer time.
     It's bad enough those few minutes when you have to walk into the fiery furnace that is your garage and get into your car and wait until the A/C kicks in. I hate that.
     Welcome autumn. I love your fall colors as the leaves change. I love the shorter days and being able to turn the oven on again without wondering if it is going to make you sweat like a marathoner. I love that the kids are back in school and I don't have to watch one more episode of the mind-numbing shows that they love. And I love my three car refrigerator, where my coke gets so cold I don't have to put it into the fridge. I love you autumn. 

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  1. YAY for autumn! I'm so exited for fall and winter this year. :)